The Ralph G. Norman Scholarship

The deadline for the 2023 Ralph G. Norman Scholarship has passed.  We will open the scholarship up once again beginning January 1, 2024. We look forward to your application at that time.

We apologize for any inconvenience in the application process.  LDA of Arkansas has been working on the website. We appreciate the comments and emails concerning the process.  We look forward to serving you in the future.

The Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas annually seeks applicants for its Ralph G. Norman Scholarship. The Ralph G. Norman Scholarship is awarded in the amount of $2,500 to an individual with a documented learning disability who will be enrolled in the Fall Semester at a university, two-year community college, or a vocational/technical training program. The ideal scholarship recipient is an individual who:

  • Recognizes and understands his or her learning disability and is able to self-advocate when necessary
  • Is committed to pursuing higher academic study or career training and has begun to set realistic career goals
  • Is committed to achieving personal goals despite the challenges of a learning disability
  • Participates in school and community activities


To be eligible for the Ralph G. Norman scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Be an individual who will be attending a university, two-year community college or a vocational or technical training program
  • Be a current Arkansas resident
  • Be able to provide most current documentation of an identified learning disability.

Eligible learning disabilities include:

  • Impairment in Reading (Dyslexia)
  • Basic Reading/Word Reading Accuracy
  • Reading Rate/Reading Fluency
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Impairment in Written Expression (Dysgraphia)
  • Impairment in Mathematics (Dyscalculia)
  • Math Calculation
    Math Problem Solving


The top 10 candidates as selected by the LDAA scholarship committee will be presented to members of the board who will select three candidates who have overcome academic challenges related to their learning disabilities.


The $2,500 scholarship is paid in two installments: a $1,250 installment in the fall and a $1,250 installment in the spring. The payment is made directly to the university, college or vocational/technical program the individual is attending. In the event the scholarship recipient withdraws or separates from the institution or program during the Fall Semester; any unused scholarship funds will be refunded to LDAA. The scholarship will not continue if the recipient withdraws or separates from the institution or program prior to the Spring Semester.