2020 Ralph G. Norman Scholarship Winners

The Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas’ (LDAA) scholarship committee has selected three recipients for the Ralph G. Norman Scholarship.

The Ralph G. Norman Scholarship is awarded to Arkansas residents with documented learning disabilities who will attend a university, two-year community college, or a vocational/technical training program. Ideal applicants must have a deep commitment to overcoming academic challenges and set realistic goals for their future. This scholarship fund was established to provide assistance to young adults with learning disabilities pursuing higher education.

Isabella Norsworthy

Isabella Norsworthy is a 2020 graduate of Farmington High School and plans to attend the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville to pursue degrees in horticulture and agriculture communications. She wants to be an agricultural advocate to help educate people on where their food comes from and how it is made.

Norsworthy has struggled with learning disabilities from a young age, but she did not let it define her or stop her from challenging herself by taking advanced placement classes and holding leadership positions in the organizations she was involved in.

“Isabella is the most driven, focused, mature and genuine student I have ever instructed over my ten years in education,” said Clayton Sallee, a guidance counselor at Farmington High School.

Foster Rash

Foster Rash is a freshman at Central Baptist College, earning his bachelor’s degree in education to be a math and history teacher, as well as a baseball coach. He also hopes to one day become a guidance counselor.

Rash has changed the way he thinks about his learning disabilities, thinking of them as advantages instead of disadvantages. His learning disabilities have taught him that he is capable of achieving anything as long as he works hard.

“Foster has demonstrated a strong work ethic and time management skills that will serve him well in future endeavors,” said Kathleen Pate, the education specialist for the Clinton Presidential Library.

Barron South

Barron South is a 2020 graduate of Farmington High School and will attend Arkansas State University in the fall to study global supply chain management. His career goal is to become a cargo pilot and fly across the country.

Since elementary school, South has developed various personal skills to overcome his learning disabilities. He made sure to advocate for himself, discussing his learning disabilities and the accommodations he would require with his teachers, as well as, finding technology that helped him understand class material.

“There are few students that I know of that work as hard as [Barron] both in the classroom and outside the classroom,” said Donna Norsworthy, a guidance counselor at Farmington High School. “[Barron’s] ability to seek resources and advocate for himself will only help him as he continues his education.”

Congratulations to the 2020 Ralph G. Norman Scholarship recipients!